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​​Downloadable Form​​Description
Academic Clemency PolicyA Student may be given academic clemency for up to 21 semester hours of unsuccessful academic work
Activity Point MatrixPortfolio
Add/Drop FormStudent Adds or Drops a course
Adjunct Tuition WaiverAdjunct Tuition Waiver
Application for Admission​Application for Admission
Arkansas State WitholdingState Witholding
Arkansas Vehicle Safety ProgramAuthorization to operate state vehicles and private vehicles on state business
Audit a ClassRequest to Audit a Class
Cafeteria Plan Sec.125 ReimbCafeteria Plan Reimb
Certificate of Prof ApplicationGraduation Application for CP
Change of Address FormChange of Address Form
Change of MajorStudent request to change major
Copyright ChecklistCopyright checklist for mediated instructional delivery
Copy Service RequestCopy Service Request Form
Curriculum Change FormCurriculum Change Form
Datatel Report RequestThis form is used when requesting assistance with a report within Datatel
Demographic Correction SheetStudent information change form
Dependent Care Sec.125 Reimb​
Dependent Care Reimbursement Form
Employee Class
Employee to take a class during working hours
Employee Direct Deposit
Employee Direct Deposit
Employee Verbal Notice
Employee Verbal Notice
Employee Warning Notice

Employee Warning Notice
Employment Application
Federal Witholding
W-4 2013
Graduation Application
Student's Graduation Application
Grid Adjunct Part-Time Form
Grid Adjunct Part-Time Instructor Form
Health Care Receipt 
Health Care Receipt
Health Care ReformHealth Care Reform
I-9 Employement
Eligibility Verification
Incident Report Incident Report
Incomplete Grade Contract

"I" Grade Contract
Independent Study FormIndependent Study Form
Instructor Information

Instructor Information for ADHE
Interlibrary Loan Request
Interlibrary Loan Request
Notice of Exessive Absence
EW Notice
On-Campus Request
On-Campus Request
Parking Regulations
Parking Regulations
Part Time Employment Form
Part Time Employment Form
Personnel Action Request
Request for Personnel Position
Policy Manual
Policy Manual
Retirement Plan Acknowledgement Form​Reitrement Plan Acknowledgement Form
Retirement AuthorizationRetirement Authorization
Request for Grade Change
Request for Grade Change
Student Discipline Form
Student discipline (Offenses)
Student Emergency Fund
The purpose of this fund is to provide emergency financial assistance to full time students attending PCCUA
Syllabus Template
Color Logo
Syllabus Template
Black & White
Cancer Insurance
Transcript Request Off Campus
Transcript Request
Tuition Waiver/Discount Tuition Waiver Discount Form
UA Accident Report Form
Auto Accident Form
UAS Medical
Summary plan document
Vehicle Request Form
Request for use of a College Vehicle
Vendor Information

Current Vendor Form
W-9 Vendor​ FormW-9 form required for all vendors